Who/What is smarthomeplanskenya?

Smart homeplans kenya, we are are the best architect who offer professionally designed affordable modern home buildings plans for residential, commercial and community development structures.

Where are you located and where can i find you?

Despite us doing and delivering online services through https://smarthomeplanskenya.com/contact/ we are also physically located
60200 Meru Kenya, 
1630Ntugi Plaza Room 6

How much do you charge to do both the plan and the bill of quantity(BQ)

Charges depend and vary with type of house,size,design.roofing,location etc,BQ is treated separately but all this is on a friendly price don’t worry just contact us

Is it true you offer free church/Mosque plans?

Absolutely yea, we believe in God and by that we feel good when promote his work.

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