About us

Home plans@smarthomeplanskenya.com

All the building plans images presented are actual architectural and structural projects drawings designed by smart homeplans Kenya architects using archi-CAD design programme

In our library we have full sets of all presented building plans which we deliver to our interested clients in soft or hard copy upon request.

Our plans are typical building designs in Kenya, east and central Africa, and equi-tropical African zones. Welcome.


  • To be a leading provider of professionally designed and approved home development building structures in east and central Africa to uplift and add value to living standards of a family unit.
  • To avail on line community development projects construction documents and guidance to enhance society advancement and growth


  • Transform life by providing efficient affordable innovative social housing building solutions


  • To be a leading provider of affordable home building solutions in equi- tropical zones and east and central Africa

Core values

  • Passionate, innovative excellence, simple, integrity
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