Turkana Roofless Lessons

It’s shameful to have had the news of Turkana pupils undertaking lessons under trees and open grounds aired to the whole world under the banner roofless lessons by one of our major TV channel.

Despite the hardship status of this region, the Kenyan pupils in Turkana county have their constitutional right to education in conducive environment in a classroom just like other Kenyan students.

Their nomadic way of life not withstanding, don’t they qualify for quality education!!!!

I urge Turkana county leadership, Ministry of education, and National govt to rise to the occasion and build classrooms for the Turkana schools

You may get readily available classroom building plans and BQs from http://www.smarthomeplanskenya.com on request.

Keep it up KTN news channel. Show us more on roofless lessons, maybe education leaderships will take responsibility and act. Bravo

Published by Muriuki Jm

My name is Julius Muriuki Jones, an architect by profession, a community worker and environment conservationist and crusader, and CEO of BINGO (building int'l network green option) COMMUNITY Through Smart homeplans Kenya, blog (smarthomeplanskenya.com) I wish to enhance the status and standards of Kenyans and East and Central Africa community homes. Demystify home building planning and architecture.

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