House construction. Bungalows


  • Site clearance and levelling
  • Excavate foundation strip trenches
  • 50mm thick 1:4:8 blinding concrete in trenches
  • Reinforcements on foundation blinding
  • Cast reinforced concrete 1:2:4 in foundation trenches
  • Construct 225mmx225mm natural quarry stone foundation walling up to 150mm above general ground levels
  • Remove all vegetative top soils within the building plinth
  • Hand pack approved hard core filling at least 250mm
  • Ram to approval
  • 50mm thick approved murram binding
  • Spray aldrex 48% insecticde or equivalent on hard core surfaces
  • Lay 500 guage damp proof membrane with 150mm overlaps both sides
  • Lay BRC A 142 mesh on damp proof membrane
  • Cast 100mm thick slab concrete 1:2:4

Wait for concrete to cure for 21 days

Ground floor

  • 225mmx150mm building stones in walling up to ring beam level
  • Formwork for ring beam
  • Reinforcements for ring beam
  • Cast concrete 1:2:4 in ring beam formwork
  • Cure concrete for 21 days
  • Construct remaining walling including gables


  • Construct relevant trusses and raise to positions
  • Set and fix other roof skeleton members
  • Set and fix root cover
  • Set and fix ceiling cover on ceiling brandering
  • Supply and fix doors and Windows


  • 25mm thick plaster on masonry walling
  • 40mm thick screeding on floor