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At Smart homeplans kenya, we offer professionally designed affordable modern home buildings plans for residential, commercial and community development structures.

The featured affordable low cost home buildings are essentially the common structures for the low cadres and middle class in society.

This blog is dedicated to all Kenyans and African tenants worldwide. Build your own home House, Yes you can.

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3bedroom house
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Decent family home
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Do you want to own a modern home for residential,Commercial building/Rentals and community development structures then don’t worry just contact us

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Owning a good modern house is a dream for individuals but the dilemma’s behind laying the best foundations,the costs and selecting the best choices to meet the future demands outruns our dreams. That’s why we here to solve all this barriers hindering you from owning a modern residential,commercial and community structures. We offer the guidance you need. Own your home today..


Free Church Plans

We give free church plans/design and Bill of Quantity to meet your preferences

As was the case with the Churches that were established by Paul and Peter, in the Gospel of God Church, it is typical to refer to various groups of worshippers as “Churches”. For example, reference may be made to the “Church in Addis Ababa – Ethiopia”. While the various Churches congregate in designated places for collective worship, they do not take the familiar shape of a large building, often with a cross as part of its architecture.  In fact a lot of worship takes place in the open – usually in select compounds.

Buildings are also used for worship, but they are not a pre-requisite. In fact, a substantial portion of the Church’s infrastructure comes in the form of convents that are dedicated strictly to the Church Sisters.

Well furnished Rooms
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Our best-selling house plans have given us lots of insight into the trends that homebuyers have followed and are continuing to follow into 2018. The most apparent trend is the diverse selection of traditional exterior styles that our customers favor, including  CraftsmanCottageCountry, and Bungalow, for more and a few consistent interior floor plan features. Single-story homes that have an angled garage, a bonus room, split bedrooms, and an open-concept floor plan continue to be at the top of everyone’s wish list. Having the kitchen open to the living room is advantageous for those looking to entertain often and for those with expanding families.